Two new reviews from my Split with a-m#2

On Blithering Tongues-HN:

The part that I can use for my own promotion:
“The Sleep of Ages side is a little bit louder, but leaves me wanting more… The sounds are ranging from breaking shit to ever changing harsh-wall-drones. It starts off pretty mellow and progresses into something much more involved. Never quite reaching a state of HWN, Sleep of Ages offers up 15 minutes worth of enjoyable noise tracks on his side of this c60 (not c50 as advertised) which means 15 minutes of (boring-ass) silence at the end. I’m guessing this guy is a well-seasoned amature; who’ll be getting some more of my positive attention in the future. Same goes for a-m#2 for that matter, stoked to hear what they sound like on a more hi-fidelity recording.”

And, on Dead Formats:

Again, all you need to know with my unbiased copy paste selection:
“Sleep of Ages sounds a little like 1970’s sci-fi sound effects meets Clive Barker’s earlier films. Scary and cinematic. For some strange reason I keep thinking of ROM the Space Knight. No idea why. It moves into smashing bottles with the accompaniment of synth drones. Pretty cathartic stuff.”

Thank you reviewer guys.

About sleepofages

Brazilian noise artist.
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