From the HNW Graveyard

Two sold out releases of mine can be downloaded from the great HNW Graveyard:

The Infinity Project XI: Carrion Black Pit – Architect of Ruins

ARTIST: Carrion Black Pit
TITLE: Architect of Ruins
LABEL: Sweet Solitude
FORMAT: CD-R (limited to 18)
YEAR: 2011
COUNTRY: Brazil (artist)/England (label)

Sleep Of Ages – Maciste in Hell

ARTIST: Sleep Of Ages
TITLE: Maciste in Hell
LABEL: AnarchoFreaksProduction
YEAR: 2011
COUNTRY: Brazil (artist) / France (label)


Also, Carrion Black Pit is part of this great compilation from Coffin Birth (net label arm of The HNW Graveyard):

Various Artists – _NW

ARTISTS: Carrion Black Pit, Clive Henry, Dead Body Collection, Ghost, Gluttoness, Horrible Mess, Nascitari, Rééducation, Scant, Segment Aura, Sleep, Small Hours, Smrznik, Static Mantra, Stoned To Death, Vilgoc, Worthless
LABEL: Coffin Birth
FORMAT: Digital Download
YEAR: 2012
COUNTRY: Worldwide

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Graveyard, check out this two disc compilation featuring two tracks apiece from some of the best new Wall Noise projects. Disc 1 is a harsh assault on the senses, disc 2 is a diverse ambient environment to explore.

Get it all, for free, along with other great releases by a lot of HNW artists on the graveyard:

About sleepofages

Brazilian noise artist.
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