Carrion Black Pit – Mythos [Bored Bear Recordings – 2011]

“Mythos” offers up five slices of seared, atmospheric & sometimes layer active Harsh Noise Wall that’s themed & based around HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythology. Carrion Black Pit is the horror themed AHNW & HNW project São Paulo, Brazil based Elias C who is most known for the great Harsh Noise /Industrial/HNW/noised-up Sword-and-Sandal soundtrack project Sleep of Ages.

The five tracks on offer here last between five and twenty four minutes a piece, and each track nicely summons up in ones mind the huge, brutal, dark and often many limbed images of the Cthulu gods. The tracks are nicely sequenced into each other-so you get an unbroken yet some times jarring HNW ride. All of the tracks here are great & manage to blend loud & battering walled noise with atmospheric layer detail & offten brooding undercurrents. But I think the highlights for me are the five minute opening track “Cthulhu, The Sleeping God” which is built around drilling ‘n’ entrancing insectile looped purrs that are underfed by this distant subterranean like bubbling like drone ‘n’ ebb. The track creates this great other worldly, dark & intense vibe, so one can almost see the huge slumbing & black as night Cthulhu in his vast lair.

The other highlight here is track number three “Yog-Sothoth, The All-in-One And The One-in-All” which is the longest of the five tracks at just over the twenty four minute mark. The tracks ‘wall’ starts out as very urgent, yet fairly fixed & seared mixture of roaring black juddering & higher pitched skipping static grain. Moving towards the 8th minute, and the higher pitched skipping textures seem to become more whipping like- as if Yog- Sothoth tentacle covered frame is starting to slowly vibrate, twitch and lash out its smaller tentacles. By around the 13th minute this strange chattering & insect like dark alien voice like textures are added to the ‘wall’, and these really send a shudder down ones spine as if somehow CBP has managed to capture the voice of Yog- Sothoth.

So “Mythos” another great release from this project with CBP perfectly capturing the dread, brutality, shuddering inducing alien & timeless darkness of the Cthulhu mythology & it’s dammed gods. Simple put Elias C is truly one of the most original & creative talents working in both HNW & harsh noise scenes today. Pick up one of this releases 25 copies before there all gone

Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5

Roger Batty!


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