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Thanks Cory for the beautiful release. Get it here, along with Striations C24. From the label: FFM-007: Sleep of Ages “Serenades for the Unbaptized Recently Deceased” c20 —Brazilian noise master Sleep of Ages has provided us with an incredible cassette … Continue reading

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CBP on Musique Machine (Anatomy Studies CDR, Sweet Solitude)

Thanks Roger for another excellent review. Carrion Black Pit – Anatomy Studies [Sweet Solitude – 2011] Carrion Black Pit is the horror themed HNW & AHNW project of São Paulo, Brazil based Elias who is most known for the great … Continue reading

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Two new reviews from my Split with a-m#2

On Blithering Tongues-HN: The part that I can use for my own promotion: “The Sleep of Ages side is a little bit louder, but leaves me wanting more… The sounds are ranging from breaking shit to ever changing harsh-wall-drones. … Continue reading

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Carrion Black Pit GREAT news Soon: South american/South African religious exploitation HNW. And to be followed by my great friend Clint (Nightmare Castle) is a bonus.

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New release from Pigdurt Productions, and you can hear a clip on the myspace page. PDP-022 – SLEEP OF AGES – BARBARIAN – 3″ CDR (LIMIT 21) TRACKLIST: 01 – CIMMERIA 02 – AMONG THE SERPENTS OF THULSA DOOM 03 … Continue reading

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FIRST REVIEW EVER! WINNING! Nice guy Ryne took some time to listen and review my debut, PEPLUM (Pigdurt Productions), and the result pleases me a lot. I thought my first review would go on the lines of “it is the worst thing since … Continue reading

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Just released on AFP (, “Maciste in Hell (Barbariccia)” is my last HNW-only release under the “Sleep of Ages” name, from now on I’ll branch SoA with another HNW-oriented project, to focus deeper on the Wall aspect, pursuiting more harsh/dark … Continue reading

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