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VBP 122 – Sleep of Ages / Ataraxy “Double Feature” Pro Split PLUS CBP CDR+review and Brazilian 3 Way Split

Out now on Vomit Bucket Productions (http://vomitbucketproductions.blogspot.com.br): VBP 122 – Sleep of Ages / Ataraxy “Double Feature” pro split CD-R Sleep of Ages from Brazil and Ataraxy from Germany recorded soundtracks for two horror-films (Sutter Cane’s “Escape from Zombie Planet” … Continue reading

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From the HNW Graveyard

Two sold out releases of mine can be downloaded from the great HNW Graveyard: The Infinity Project XI: Carrion Black Pit – Architect of Ruins ARTIST: Carrion Black Pit TITLE: Architect of Ruins LABEL: Sweet Solitude FORMAT: CD-R (limited to … Continue reading

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Sleep of Ages review of “Maciste in Hell (Barbariccia)” on Musique Machine

New review of old stuff on Musique Machine: Sleep Of Ages – Maciste in Hell (Barbariccia)[anarchofreaksproduction – 2011] “Maciste in Hell (Barbariccia)” finds this São Paulo based project focusing their often mixed noise genre/ cut-up Peplum soundtracking sonic attack into a more … Continue reading

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Thanks Cory for the beautiful release. Get it here, along with Striations C24. From the label: FFM-007: Sleep of Ages “Serenades for the Unbaptized Recently Deceased” c20 —Brazilian noise master Sleep of Ages has provided us with an incredible cassette … Continue reading

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Hey, look what the great Julien release on his label, STOCKROOM RECORDS: FROM THE LABEL: SLEEP OF AGES “Ears Become Wounds ” – CDr Full lenght from the brazilian noise master SLEEP OF AGES, after some awesome HNW releases he … Continue reading

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CLOCKWORK TAPES (is back!) – 3 INTO 1/Kopfschmerztablette

CLOCKWORK TAPES (from Kopfschmerztablette’s Michael Wurzer) IS BACK! http://www.clockworktapes.de Clockworktapes Logo from 1981 until 1991 the new and modern Clockworktapes Logo since its rebirth in 2011 Independent Label founded in the in 80ies and resurrected in 2011 as a CD-Label, … Continue reading

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Two new reviews from my Split with a-m#2

On Blithering Tongues-HN: http://digestblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/sleep-of-ages-m2-split-tape-on.html The part that I can use for my own promotion: “The Sleep of Ages side is a little bit louder, but leaves me wanting more… The sounds are ranging from breaking shit to ever changing harsh-wall-drones. … Continue reading

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