Sleep of Ages review of “Maciste in Hell (Barbariccia)” on Musique Machine

New review of old stuff on Musique Machine:

Sleep Of Ages – Maciste in Hell (Barbariccia)[anarchofreaksproduction – 2011]

“Maciste in Hell (Barbariccia)” finds this São Paulo based project focusing their often mixed noise genre/ cut-up Peplum soundtracking sonic attack into a more straight HNW attack.

This release comes in the form of a 3inch CDR. The mini cd case features a moody black and white picture of pair of quite masculine yet theatrical looking male bikers- this brings to mind a modern take on gladiators which is very fitting as all this projects work is themed around sword-and-sandal  or Peplum movies.

The single self titled track on offer here starts out with SOA building a battering ‘wall’ of rumbling amassed drum textures, juddering crisp static and buried sword like slashing. As the track moves into its third minute SOA adds in sudden off pattern slashes, mid-pitch jitters ‘n’ drags, and static texture like gallops; though through-out these additions the ‘wall’ like structure remains firm & thick. The rest of the track finds SOA nicely balancing a constant walled noise presence with the mentioned extra elements which really give the piece a dramatic sense of story. And to me that story is something to do with a galloping, sword fighting, and carriage battering battle between two military forces in the time when the Romans ruled large parts of Europe. The extra elements seem to become louder & more prominent in the last few minutes giving the one feeling that the battle is in it’s last desperate stages.

All told this is another great release from both SOA & anarchofreaks production as the shifting/dramatic ‘wall’  & artwork are both great here.  So if you dig active, but thick & atmospheric walled noise this is a must have item

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Roger Batty

The label:

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Thanks Cory for the beautiful release. Get it here, along with Striations C24.

From the label:

Sleep of Ages
“Serenades for the Unbaptized Recently Deceased” c20

—Brazilian noise master Sleep of Ages has provided us with
an incredible cassette full of harsh and gloomy sounds.
Artwork by SLEEP OF AGES, on ‘dry-bone’ gray stock.

“Stalking Chameleon” c24

—A noise documentation of the criminal case of
Theodore Robert Bundy. An examination of sociopathic
navigation and lawlessness in the urban-industrial sprawl.
This tape is the glorification of criminal evasion.
Total Chai-omega atmosphere…will leave a trail of bodies.
Purest and most desperate True Crime Electronics in the
tradition of Albert Fish Is My Hero, Slogun and Bloodyminded.
Tape is void of any vocal presence. Artwork by Striations

$3 ppd US / $5 ppd International
We take Paypal, $$$, and
we also love trades!

DETAILS (as well as photos & an mp3 from each release):

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Hey, look what the great Julien release on his label, STOCKROOM RECORDS:


SLEEP OF AGES “Ears Become Wounds ” – CDr
Full lenght from the brazilian noise master SLEEP OF AGES, after some awesome HNW releases he decided to come with more noise/power electronic songs! Really intense! Limited to 20 copies!

3€ France/4€ Europe/7$ World

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CBP on Musique Machine (Anatomy Studies CDR, Sweet Solitude)

Thanks Roger for another excellent review.

Carrion Black Pit – Anatomy Studies [Sweet Solitude – 2011]

Carrion Black Pit is the horror themed HNW & AHNW project of São Paulo, Brazil based Elias who is most known for the great Harsh Noise /Industrial/HNW/noised-up Sword-and-Sandal soundtrack project Sleep of Ages. “Anatomy Studies” is the projects 3rd release, and just like his work with SOA’s, CBP sound is very difficult to tie into any one genre as there’s elements of creepy manipulated field recordings, horror movie soundtracking, and horror fed noise touches here amongst the Hash Noise Wall & Ambient Harsh Noise Wall Structures.

The album comes in the form of cdr ltd to 25 copies. And it features four tracks in all, these last between the six to near on eighteen minute mark a piece. The creepy monochrome cdr sleeve is worth a mention as it give the whole release a nice pro & horror themed vibe- the front cover features an in shadows picture of a vine covered face which could either be a stone face, or a dead male human face that has become engulfed in vines in a similar manner to the victims in Scott Smith’s killer plant novel & later horror movie “The Ruins”. The back of the sleeve features a neat ‘n’ murky horror collage of Lovecraft like monsters, skulls, doomed words written on paper, all maner of creepy yet not clearly recognizable items.

The first track up is entitled “Let The Right One In”, and this just shy of thirteen minute track is built around a hypnotic, creepy & darkly singed mixture of: repetitive purring bound static, slow judderings, un-nerving noise texturing, and subterranean type eerier drone loops. These elements are bound together to create this great dread ‘n’ doom filled yet subtle battering track which I guess you’d call Horror bound AHNW.

Next up there’s the seven minutes thirty three of “Prayer, & this starts off been based around very quiet layers of whispered voices that seem to reading out some damned & unholy text over & over again. Around the layers of voices is this ribbed ‘n’ ripped tone, and pretty soon these two elements are joined by louder spoken work/chant textures, which once more seem to reciting some dark & creepy texts. As the track builds up it breeds & intensifying this great feeling of dread & ultimately panic. The tracks last few seconds of the track feature sampled demonic choir like sustain which nicely finishers the track off & leads into the next track.

Track number three is wonderfully entitled “Recording Found Stuffed Inside A Corpse Lying On A Crypt”, and this near on eighteen minute track is built around atmospheric layers of subtle noise texturing & horror movie storm like field recordings. The track mixes together battering & cascading rain storm field recordings, billow & subtle atmospheric shifting noise elements, and what sounds like muffled & at times panicked battering & hammerings that drift in & out of sonic view- these last elements sound like somethings trying very hard to get in or out of something.

Last up we have the dead on six minutes of “Sketches For A Wall”, & this track is built around a tight ’n’ stuck matt of juddering static dwell. As the track progresses it seems to slow but surely hypnotize & enclose you in it’s cold juddering vibe. The ‘wall’ seems to stay very much fixed & focused through-out, through there is some very subtle pitch shifting going on here & there. When the track suddenly ends it feels like it still drilling & juddering away at your head for a few minutes after the ‘walls stopped, & you have this great fogy creepy buzzing in your head.

All told this is a very nicely presented & sonically executed slice of often subtle noise fed horror soundtracking that I can see appealing to not just ‘wall’ heads, but those into any form of horror fed experimental music.

Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5

Roger Batty

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This one’s on me.
Free release, EIADS gather compilation/split tracks and other stuff covering a wide range of colors within the noise spectrum, from hippie free harsh noise to industrial, drone to guitar noise, power electronics to ambient…

8 more reasons to close the borders of your country!!!

1. Noctis I 03:35
2. Winning (Sheen On) 04:03
3. Eyes of the Medusa Upon You 11:00
4. Atlas in the Land of Cyclops 07:15
5. Pedagogia da Cinta 05:01
6. Hades 07:47
7. Hydra Dying 04:51
8. The Coma Pit 07:27

Get it here:

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CLOCKWORK TAPES (is back!) – 3 INTO 1/Kopfschmerztablette

CLOCKWORK TAPES (from Kopfschmerztablette’s Michael Wurzer) IS BACK!

Clockworktapes Logo from 1981 until 1991

the new and modern Clockworktapes Logo since its rebirth in 2011

Independent Label founded in the in 80ies and resurrected in 2011 as a CD-Label, with a focus on Harsh Noise, Dark Noise, Ambient, Minimal Music
own artists: Kopfschmerztablette, Deutsches Kulturgut, Besenstill Kammer Orchester, NomedeVoyage


3 into 1 Vol. 1

Sleep of Ages

3 into 1 is a compilation of 3 8cm discs with 3 different artists and 18 to 20 minutes of music each, the number of tracks does not matter, Music type: Harsh Noise, Noise, Dark Ambient, Minimal, in general Music I like, so I decide whether it will be published or not.
Currently we are full for the next 6 months, as we already have enough artist to fill Vol. 3-5.

To order one of the CDs please send an e-mail with your address to: and we will send you the account information

3 into 1 Vol. 1, released August 2011, limited Edition, 100 copies
Artists: Sleep of Ages, Bedawang, Pharmakustik
Price: 12 € incl. Postage (Europe)
15 € incl. Postage (worldwide)


2010 – Return of the Pain, released August 2011
Artist: Kopfschmerztablette
Price: 9 € incl. Postage (worldwide)


I am so happy to be part of this, can’t even express in words.
Support Michael!

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“Sleep of Ages – Peplum (Pigdurt Productions, 2011) “ can now be downloaded from Bandcamp, “name your price” style. And, yes, the price can be zero.

Support a starving third world noisemaker.

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