VBP 122 – Sleep of Ages / Ataraxy “Double Feature” Pro Split PLUS CBP CDR+review and Brazilian 3 Way Split

Out now on Vomit Bucket Productions (http://vomitbucketproductions.blogspot.com.br):

VBP 122 – Sleep of Ages / Ataraxy “Double Feature” pro split CD-R
Sleep of Ages from Brazil and Ataraxy from Germany recorded soundtracks for two horror-films (Sutter Cane’s “Escape from Zombie Planet” from 2001 and A. W. Spear’s “Mental Trauma” from 2011) and you can hear them on this split. 4 tracks / more or less half an hour from each artist, Sleep of Ages’ material being rather experimental sci-fi harsh noise (and a short HNW burst) and Ataraxy’s tracks being an atmospheric moody harsh noise / HNW mix.
CD-R with black/white sticker in DVD-case with full color outer artwork and black/white insert, limited to 30 copies

Samples here:

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And while you are there:

VBP 113 – Sleep of Ages / God Pussy / Shue “Tropical Bi-Polar” 3-way split CD-R
released on June 18th 2012
This split features the well-known Brazilian harsh noise projects Sleep of Ages and God Pussy from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro plus the very young harsh noise project Shue, also from São Paulo, this split being his first release. Here you get over 78 minutes of audio destruction, very good and recommended! Brazil isn’t only about cachaça and samba…
CD-R with black on green 2-page cover and black on yellow insert, limited to 50 copies

Samples here:

VBP 096 – Carrion Black Pit “They Live, We Sleep” CD-R
released on March 10th 2012
This is an atmospheric progressive 35 min+ HNW-recording from the mind of Elias / Sleep of Ages from Brazil. This won’t disappoint any serious HNW fan!
CD-R with 2-page black/white layout, limited to 30 copies!

Sample here:

Review from Roger Batty (Musique Machine):

Carrion Black Pit – They Live, We Sleep [Vomit Bucket Productions – 2012]

“They Live, We Sleep” sees this progressive HNW/ ANW horror project doing it’s sonic tribute to John Carpenter’s 1988 sc-fi/ horror movie They Live. Carrion Black Pit is of course all the work of  creative São Paulo, Brazil based  noise maker Elias C- also known for the great Harsh Noise /Industrial/HNW/noised-up Sword-and-Sandal soundtrack project Sleep of Ages.

This release comes in the form of a CDR that offers up a single/ self titled track which comes in at the 35.15 mark.  The track is a very atmospheric/creative mixture of layer shifting brutal walled noise, horror fed harsh noise making, and sci-fied/ horror synth texturing/ drone matter. Like much of this projects work this is far from just simple/ bare bone walled noise making, and you can hear through-out this just over half-an-track that an amazing amount of work has gone into the building/ layering of this track.

The track opens with slow brooding sweeps of  swirling ‘n’ ebbing mid tone sci-fied like electronics/ synth grains. By around the two & a half minute mark these have become more violent & reverb fed, then at just over the three minute mark we drop into the ‘wall’. The front of the ‘wall’ is built around this fairly lose yet brutal juddering ‘n’ billowing noise mass. Underneath this mass Elias C feeds a fairly varied stream of other sound textures that takes in:  mumbled mass of voices/ moans, forking ‘n’ twisting sci-fi electronics/ noise matter, sped up ‘n’ meshed US national anthem like textures, and all manner of melted heroic sounding USA music/ TV Jingles/ ect.   At around the 13th minute mark you start to get drifts of cinematic horror/ sci-fi eerier harmonic sound tracking, but these never stay held for any real length of time.  At just before the 15th minute mark most of the sound textures strip back, and you  get what sounds like a bleak line of either distorted synth texturing or gitar drone matter been mixed in with the ‘wall’-  this new element is playing out a brooding/ hopeless semi harmonic  drone element. Ever so often you get a run of forking/ uneasy noise textures wavering across the middle of the ‘wall’, and these deepening the dread filled atmosphere even more.

At around the 20th minute the ‘wall’ feels like it’s thinning down, and starting to semi falter- yet it still stays as a fairly firm haze of brutality. The brooding drone element has faded, and we’re left with a mixture of effect laden chatting voices, sudden swirls of muffled dramatic music, and more subdued forking noise textures/ jitters. Also around the 24th minute you get these mournful drifts of melted brooding harmonics which can just be heard from time to time.  Moving towards the 28th minute, and the brooding drone element is once more rising in the ‘walls’ make-up, and this time you can make more of it’s sombre/ apocalyptic sc-if plod/drone. At the 32 minute mark the sci-fi swirls/ebbs of the start reappear again over the top of the ‘wall’, and over the next few minutes the ‘wall’ is very effectively circled round the stereo channels.

All told this is a wonderfully creative & satisfying release, which is both a great sonic tribute to They Live movie, but also a nice expansion on the themes with in the movie. This is with out doubt up there with some of the best work of this project, and a must have item for those who enjoy atmospheric progressive HNW. Lets hope Elias C attempts another Carpenter movie themed release, just imagine what he could do with Into The Month Of Madness or The Thing.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Roger Batty

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