I am very happy to be another time reviewed by Roger, with another super positive review:

Sleep Of Ages – Sword and Sandals[Bored Bear Recordings – 2011]

“Sword and Sandals” is another very distinctive & creative mixture of: HNW, Harsh noise and  harmonic/ atmospheric electro  texturing from this great Peplum or Sword-and-Sandal movies  influenced project that comes from São Paulo, Brazil.

On offer here is a full length Cdr that features eight tracks in all, with each track last between just over a minute to coming up for the eleven minute mark a piece. To me this release seems a bit more HNW & thick harsh noise bound compared with the projects debut album “Peplum”, which was a little more varied and mixed in it’s brewing of Harsh noise , juddering and blown out Sword-and-Sandal movie soundtrack samples, HNW texturing and  harmonic/ atmospheric electro texturing. But please don’t take that as a criticism( hell I can’t ever get enough HNW), it’s just the tracks here seem mainly a lot thicker & textured in there feel- with most of the tracks doing a great balance act between big ‘n’ thick sounding harsh noise and brutal yet creative HNW texturing

Though that’s not to saying the project more harmonic & atmospheric edges don’t appear much, take “Immortals, Mortals And Mythologicals” which features this great, eerier  and brutally mixture of shunting harsh noise judders & chilling harmonic feed-back sears. Or the last track  “Requiem For Cottafavi” with it’s haunting & wavering mixture of piercing yet atmospheric feed-back pitches & electro pulse dwells

All told “Sword and Sandals” is another wholly rewarding and original slice of noise making from this great Brazilian project- I really cant wait to hear what Seep Of Ages do next!.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Roger Batty


Ask the Mark for copies of “Sword and Sandals”: http://boredbear.wordpress.com/


About sleepofages

Brazilian noise artist.
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